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Karl Schneider

I asked Karl for an artist statement as we looked through his sketchbooks, we came across something he had written as his 20 year old self, I was taken by how current it was. TahDAh Karl's artist statement. The text that follows is part of that musing.

"My fingers flow as if a tap has been tapped. The more control I claim the less i really have. For then I claim no control, if like any other dictator were to do so :.Claiming something that is- of the moment such as pure energy that it is. would be claiming myself a god over life force. I am still here , so I cannot do so. The only control I have ( If I do at all ) is over the medium itself. What I choose to pick to express the self onto,and not with. For to know is to exert something that i believe is there, and art itself is not there until it is in the mind. and only then." 

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