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the michigan accent explained


The letter "A" as in "car" is a kind of light "ee-yeah" sound. If you're familiar with diacritical marks, it would be kind of like ēă, but much lighter and less noticeable.
Crayons are crēăns (similar sounding to "crans").
Dad is dēăd (again, only a slight difference from "dad").

The long "e" sound, like the "i" in "mirror" is a bit longer and really nasally. Also, we don't waste our time with the "or" in "mirror", so it's just "meer." Make it really nasally, though.

Glottal stop: This is when your voice kind of stops in the middle of a word and then starts again. Think of a kid saying, "Uh-oh!" In Michigan, we like to do glottal stops at the end of our words, which is kind of like a last bit of forced breath. For example, when we say Detroit, we don't say the "t" sound at the end. Instead, it's like "Detroi" and then a bit of forced breath.

If the word has a double consonant 't' in it, like "kitten" or "button", there is a glottal stop without the t sound actually being pronounced: kitten = kih'ihn, button = buh'ton or buh'ohn. (Thanks to from Doe·Wah·Jack for pointing this out!)

The letter "t": Leave it to a Michigander to screw up the pronunciation of a consonant! If the letter "t" occurs in the middle of a word, it has a "d" sound. This is so embedded in my speech, that I can't say a word like "city" with a "t" without sounding like I'm trying really hard for that "t" sound. It's "ciddy."

"Ah" as in father has to be drawn out. In Michigan, you don't have a mom. You have a "maahm." And after school, you go to "haahckey" practice. On a slightly related note, Chicago is "Chic-aah-go," not "Chi-caw-go."


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The two Latin mottos read Speramus Meliora and Resurget Cineribus, meaning "We hope for better things" and "It will rise from the ashes", which was written by Gabriel Richard after the fire of 1805. The seal is a representation of the Detroit fire which occurred on June 11, 1805. The fire caused the entire city to burn with only one building saved from the flames. The figure on the left weeps over the destruction while the figure on the right gestures to the new city that will rise in its place.

Gallery Guide

 Detroit Gallery Guide  - a downloadable guide to what the city has to offer

Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit
Diego Rivera’s famous murals hang on the walls of the DIA. (DD)

Heidelberg Project, Detroit
The Heidelberg Project is a magical outdoor art installation full of polka dot buildings, repurposed automobiles and shopping carts. (DD)

555, Detroit
Exhibitions, workshops, classes, gallery, café and more. (DD).

Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens
A community-based organization offering fine art exhibitions, workshops and the annual Mount Clemens Art Fair. (M)

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham
Celebrates “art for all” with visual arts education, exhibitions and other creative experiences. (O)

The Butcher's Daughter, Ferndale
A contemporary art house founded by a butcher’s daughter. (O)

CCS Galleries, Detroit
CCS Galleries website
The College for Creative Studies engages students and the community in artist exhibitions. (DD)

Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills
Permanent collection of contemporary art, plus exhibitions, lectures, programs and special events. (O)

Detroit Artists Market, Detroit
Established and emerging artists show and sell their work in this vibrant, distinctive space. (DD)

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Detroit
The museum is a hub for the exploration of emerging ideas in the contemporary arts. (DD)

N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, Detroit
Nonprofit center showcasing emerging local artists and featuring lectures, performances and more. (DD)

Northville Art House, Northville
Classes, workshops, intriguing contemporary art exhibitions. (GN)

Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester
Exhibits, lectures, performances and special events from September-May. (O)

Red Bull House of Art, Detroit
In this art incubation project, up-and-coming artists express their innovative ideas and develop compelling new works. (DD)

Russell Industrial Center, Detroit
The R.I.C. is the proud home of several art galleries, including Museum of New Art (MONA), The Cave and the weekend marketplace Russell Bazaar. (DD)

Destination Guide

Get ready to D-code The D right here. We know that there's more to Detroit than meets the eye, you just need to know where to look and how to get around town.

That's why we have split things up into five easy-to-navigate destination districts for you:

Each concentrated area is rich with its own personality, attractions, dining and entertainment options that help create a complete Detroit experience you'll be telling your family and friends about for a long time to come.