Detroit Art Press


Birgit Huttemann-Holz

I am only interested in making art if it is a challenge. It needs to hold excitement, attract my curiosity and usually refers to a theme or question that will reveal itself once the work/series is completed.I often envision ideas, or see myself painting in the stage between sleep and awakening. Memories are stringed together, flying by; huge spaces evolve, but foremost: there is color.
Lately, I combine my work with my love for poetry. My favorite poet Yannis Ritsos and his expressive, erotic poems are finding their way back into my imagery. In my teens his poems lived on my body, now they are burned into my paintings and monotypes.
It is a fiery transition, in fast forward mode.
I paint and print in wax, because the process embodies vulnerability, my stepping stone for progress and evolution.


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